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More Changes

So going forward I’ve decided to change how I portray myself online.

Change One: Branding And Accounts

Going forward, some username changes will be in effect.

  • HenrickTheBull
    • Will now be my more private personal username, nothing creator related will be on that name.
      • This change may be permanent or not. It’s currently unknown and I won’t make any promises.
      • Any accounts like Ko-Fi or Patreon will be going on hold.
  • TheBullBastard
    • Now since I want to go into more adult avenues TheBullBastard will be that vehicle for my primary creator stuff will now be on the accounts listed below. Note these are all Not Safe For Work and anyone under 18 years of age following these links… well, you shouldn’t.

Change Two: Works and Projects

As of right now I’ve decided I’ll drop all my SFW projects for some later date when I feel like I want to pick them up again. That means projects like Creation and The Southern Frontier will be archived, and no I will not release them in their unfinished form. Any chapters that have been released will be scrubbed.

Change Three: Infrastructure

So, for the longest time I haven’t really changed who hosted my website or domain names, but due to some upcoming changes in my projects I’ll be moving my website from where it is currently hosted to a new host. I’ve also secured and set up my own dedicated server which will host a mirror of all my files in the event something should happen to my current cloud file storage provider. These changes will mostly be boring and unseen, so you most likely don’t care. Though I will purchase a new domain name to reflect these changes with my infrastructure so keep an eye on @TheBullBastard on Twitter for that change.

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