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Why I Ended My Streaming Journey


A few people may be aware that for several years, I tried my hardest to become a streamer. I didn’t do too hot. I wasn’t very charismatic to start with, then a plethora of technical and personal issues crushed me. I spent a year struggling to get a new PC and then spent several months between ISPs because my rural area has no broadband providers worth a damned. Since I’ve gotten a new PC and a stable ISP, I thought maybe “I could become a streamer” that was the hope at least. But I’ve decided that it just isn’t where I need to be focusing my efforts.

You see, the major platform for streaming, Twitch, isn’t “new streamer” friendly. It’s quite difficult to get started there. Not only is the glut of new and small streamers making it hard to get any visibility, but Twitch also has no real way to promote small streamers. Yes, yes, you might take the comments section and go “Well networking!” To that I say “Bah!” networking only gets you in with other streamers. Other streamers aren’t looking to watch other streamers and let me point back to the second sentence. There is a glut of small streamers looking to network. It makes streaming an overly saturated field. Since Live Streaming is a highly participatory field, from both streamer and viewer, and there are only so many watchers with only so many hours in the day. 

Accepting and understanding this I decided that instead of being just another unwatched voice in the glut of Twitch streamers I would get off that overburdened horse and go to platforms which require less real-time participation from both viewer and creator.

What This Means

Well for someone reading my blog or following me on Twitter. Nothing really since I haven’t as of right now created much of substance as I spent too much time focusing on the wrong projects. Now I’ll be focusing on things like my novels, my blog, my social media, and producing some Youtube Videos I think.

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