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Introducing My Blog

So, I’ve been delaying this part where I introduce my blog. I think now is the perfect time. My blog will literally be what a blog should be, it will be a stream of thoughts. It will also act as place for pretty much whatever I want. I’ll try to categorize everything so it will be easy to find and link back to. I’ll also be placing finished content with scripts here. My free writings will be posted as pages where you can click through them one page per chapter. This should make things handle smoothly.

Ah yes, also links to my social media.

HenrickTheBull – YouTube
Henrick (@HenrickTheBull) / Twitter
Henrick The Bull is on Facebook Gaming

Links to where you can support me
HenrickTheBull is creating Amazing Sci-Fi Universes | Patreon

Note that right now as of this writing I’m still working on what Patreon and Ko-Fi subs will get so if nothing tickles your fancy now check back later.

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